Not the typical music favorite

Ever since I can remember I have been practicing my piano, and have always adored classical music. I don’t know if its in the genes or not but  every time I hear some, I stop and feel the song. You may think it’s overrated but it’s just how it is.

I had my last recital on 2006 and for so long I kind of miss it. It’s really hard for me to practice it together with your studies and one more thing, when you really don’t have the upright piano that you use for practicing since we only have the electric one. My mom would always have that idea of buying one but it never happened, so I swear to myself  I’d buy me one when I get a job.

Well anyway, Classical Music has been around ages ago. You may know of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart but my current favorite is Rachmaninoff because of the heavy feeling that his music brings (of course, I was influenced by watching the anime Nodame Cantabile that I was able to appreciate it more). What wonders me is that how do these people get to compose such beautiful tones? I know I love to play the instrument but I’m not the type that gets to compose a song with all those flats and staccatos and those other musical notes. Experience could probably be a factor but it is still a mystery for me on how they do it. The most intriguing piece for me was the Flight of the Bumblebee, I mean, what did the composer think of doing the piece? Some composers are even left without any money for the sake of their music but now orchestras are being paid millions perhaps just to perform a song or two.

What saddens me is that some people nowadays don’t appreciate these kinds of music and would go more on rock and pop. I remember in our Art Appreciation class when our professor told us to group ourselves according to our taste in music, I was the only one who wanted the classical music. I ended grouping myself to the R&B section. I don’t know if it’s dying or not (the Classical music) but you see, their feelings and soul are poured into their works and just learning a thing about the piece would really tell you something about the composer. And that is why classical music will always be in my Top 1 of favorite music genres.


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