Travel to: Japan

Okay. So many of my closest friends know that I am an avid fan of Japanese Anime, and it wouldn’t be of any shock if my ultimate dream destination is Japan. Ever since I was in high school, I have always said that I would go to Japan after I graduated college. On my third year in college I even made plans with my then-boyfriend because that’s what you usually do when you’re a couple, right? Make plans together. Here’s what we’ve come to plan that time and a must-do when I get there:

1. Have a picnic under a cherry blossom tree

2. Go shopping at Harajuku (for Anime stuffs and cosplay clothes)

3. Visit the temples/shrines and make wishes

5. Try the Maid Cafe

6. Swim at the beaches in Okinawa

7. Go to an onsen

8. Wear a kimono

9. Go to the tourist spots (of course)

10. (And) eat all the sushi I could, even though I’m allergic (so might as well bring lots of Benadryl. haha!)

Anyway, it’s not just because I love Anime but also I kind of admired their tradition and culture. I just can’t wait to get on the plane and go there. That would be like, Extreme Happiness! Did I forget something fun to do? Leave some comment 🙂


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