Welcoming Home at Mt. Batulao

Our first ever reunion after years with our dear old friend, Paz. She just got home from the States where she works for the U.S. Navy and so we decided to go for a hike in Mt. Batulao located in Batangas.

Me and the girls before starting our trekking

Before you get to the  foot of the mountain, you’ll have to go trekking for about an hour. The long time of trekking was okay but the road is very muddy and there are horse dirt on most areas, good thing it was a fine weather that day. Even before we got to the foot of the mountain, you could already see a great view from above but we had this situation wherein there’s this intersection and we don’t know which is the right way, so I suggest that you hire a guide. Locals in the area (including children) are willing to guide hikers for maybe around Php200. It may be expensive but it’s all worth it considering the time that will be consumed.


It took us almost two hours to get to the actual starting point of our hiking and from there, you’ll  be able to avail only three kinds of drinks while going up the mountain: Buko Juice, Mountain Dew, and Halo-Halo (a Filipino delicacy). You’ll know when you get to the foot when you see the sign saying “Welcome to Mt. Batulao”. There are actually two ways of getting to the peak of the mountain, a long way and a shorter way, on opposite directions. We chose the long way going to the peak.

There are 12 peaks to pass by before the actual summit hence, you have to have a large amount of energy and stamina. Balance is also important because it is windy and some pathways are very narrow, there is also nothing to hold on to because the mountain is only surrounded by cogon grass. By the 9th peak(? I forgot), there you can go through a forest or just continue hiking with just grass. We decided to go through the forest.


A total of 4 hours was consumed just by going up Mt. Batulao but it paid off since the summit has a very relaxing view. It has cold winds and mobile phone signal! We decided to eat some snacks here and we got to have a little chat with our local guide. You could also meet groups of hikers and some campers along the way.

We chose the shorter route on returning back to the foot of the mountain and it took us half the time on going up. Going down, you will have to do a bit of rappelling in one part. You’ll also see several campsites where you can go take bathroom breaks after that long hike. Hikers are also welcome to stay overnight in those sites but   We actually got late on going to Mt. Batulao so we were not able to bring back souvenirs so it’s a must to wake up early and find a faster way on going there. 🙂


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