Arriving at Puerto Princesa

Our very first trip, just us family. No aunts and cousins. Ever since, my mom has always wanted to go to Palawan and since there are seat sale promos on all domestic flights and its almost summer, we chose to go to Puerto Princesa, Palawan to see its natural beauty considering the Underground River (which is one of the Wonders of Nature) is located there. Our flight was scheduled 5pm so we arrived there at 6 and settled our things perhaps around 7 and because its a Sunday, we decided to attend mass. You can find many inns and hotels around the city so there will not be any trouble in finding one. It also desirable to get a tour guide so that you can cover all the must-see places. Our trip is for 4 days and we got a tour guide for 3 days so that we could spend the one day to explore Puerto Princesa by ourselves.


We attended mass in the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in the city. Considering the cathedral is jam-packed, we just stayed outside to hear it. The cathedral is big and I noticed the nice wood posts and lighting. To get around the city, all you need to ride is a tricycle. You will see lots of stores and restaurants as well as banks so you’ll not worry about having no money if you have your ATM card. 😉

After the mass we went to have dinner at Kinabuchs Grill and Bar. Kinabuchs is one of the most popular dining spots in Puerto Princessa, a good place to hangout with friends. It’s like a restaurant/bar/sports bar because they also got this huge projector screen featuring football playoffs. Aside from cocktails, hard liquor and a variety of meals, Kinabuchs serve Palawan’s popular exotic food, the Tamilok (shipworm) which is found in mangrove trees, could be eaten cooked or raw.



Personally, I think Tamilok tastes like seawater considering it’s slimy and that it’s better if eaten with rice to adhere the taste but some say it is better to have it with vodka or other hard liquor. Since I am the one in the family excited to try out rare things, I’m mostly the one who ate all of it. After dinner, my family decided to go have a walk going to our temporary home. 🙂

Having a stroll around the city, I could say that Puerto Princessa is very much different from Manila. No pollution and you feel safe considering that the travel guide that we hired assured that of us.


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