Wandering at a Wonder of Nature

Our first day in Puerto Princesa started with a 6am wake-up call from my mom saying that we’re already late and that the tourist guide is on his way to our place. We stayed at a pension house formerly owned by Aiza Seguerra (a Filipino singer/actress) now owned by a doctor who also sidelines as a tourist guide. Breakfast is served by 6:30 and it was a delicious longsilog– longganisa with itlog (egg). Our van arrived at 7am. First stop is the Undergound River since many tourists are expected to be there as day goes and we still have to secure a permit which our guide said that it was hard to get. But before heading to our first stop, our guide has to pick up first another group of tourists. Along the way, we stopped over for souvenirs and its all wood carvings mainly tiki masks which are really great. It’s like a must-have!


We arrived at the pier where the tourist guides secure the permit for the Underground River tour and so while waiting, we had a few pictures.


Arriving at the shore near the Underground River, you could see beautiful rock formations and clear water around it, and by the beach is really as great as it is with white sand, perfect for taking pictures.

The island is a home for monkeys and monitor lizards but there were no monkeys around when we got there so the warning that our guide told us about keeping our things securely and not using plastic (since the monkeys thought there’s food inside plastics) were not put to use.

The entrance to the underground river is breathtaking, clear blue water with fishes in it. Helmets and vests are given out to tourists, and guides are provided for every boat that is to go inside the cave. There are many bats inside the cave so it’s unavoidable that some bat pee drops in you or worse, bat dirt. They say that there are different sections inside the cave. There’s this section with holy figures, a vegetable section, and another one (I forgot!). below is a picture of a holy figure, I think that’s Mother Mary.

We had lunch at Taraw Beach. Since we availed a tour package, buffet lunch is served. Tamilok are also sold there by the cup so other tourists had tried it. swimming however is not encouraged because of the strong waves. Souvenirs are also sold in this area and what I loved the most is that they sell cobra bones bracelet. The vendor said that they are the only ones selling those kinds of stuff but at first i didn’t buy any cos I wanted to look at other places. They were right. I couldn’t find any so my dad and my brother returned there to buy it since they were also gonna buy a shark and crocodile tooth necklace.

Since we still have lots of free time, the tourist guide let us go spelunking to the Ugong Rock and go zip lining afterwards. Ugong Rock is called as it is because if you knock certain rocks inside the cave, it will vibrate and create a sound making it seem that the rock has a hollow space inside. The zip line at Ugong Rock is the highest and the shortest among all the zip lining spots in Palawan, and perhaps the Philippines so tourists are instructed (by signaling) on what to do while running along the zip line. Shirts of good quality are sold at the other end of the zip line.

For dinner, we were supposed to eat at KaLui Restaurant but the owner of the pension house was not able to call for reservations so we decided to seek help to Mr.Google. Scrolling for best restaurants in Palawan, I got to click the Badjao Seafront Restaurant which serves seafood so my parents decided to eat there. Badjao Seafront is actually quite far to the city to walk but can be traveled to by riding a tricycle. If you decide to eat there, you must tell the tricycle driver to wait for you or else you may have to walk far before getting a ride. Tricycle drivers also offer tour packages to tourists for a lower price.

Entrance to the restaurant is a wooden bridge with growing mangroves on both sides. too bad it was already dark so we were not able to see the view. Badjao Seafront is an open area so diners could enjoy the sea view. The interior of the restaurant is actually quite nice, with beautiful lighting and setting, it’s perfect place for get-together, dates, even for an events place. The menu consists mainly of  seafood, but they also have desserts like Blueberry Cheesecake. They have the Seafood Medley on the menu which is a big plate with small portions of a variety of seafood.

The food is quite delicious and it is highly recommended that you guys must not leave Puerto Princesa without eating there.


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