When Cosmo Men Unite!

September 18, 2012…

is the day when all girls and gays join together to feast on a men buffet at the World Trade Center. I actually got my tickets from a promo where I have to buy the September issue of Cosmopolitan at selected branches. I literally walked and took a taxi just to go to different 7-11 stores and buy two copies. One for me and the other for my friend, Kae because I thought it would be nice to lighten up her mood after a series of brokenhearted-ness.

It was also my first time to glam up which is not really that much, but good thing I wore my high heels cos almost everybody’s been wearing one!

The line was super duper long and was kind of messy but as soon as we got inside there were booze and men already!

The show was supposed to start by 7 pm but I don’t know the reason why but it started at like almost 9pm; so we got to photo the stage and other stuff. Seriously, the whole place is just mostly girls and gays which for me is not so good cos by the time those 69 guys show up then we’re dead meat. haha!

…and then there were the MEN. Guys from the sponsors came up first (Carrera Shades, Antonov Vodka, Lick Condoms, Guess Jeans), followed by none other than Daniel Matsunaga! I was not expecting him to come although I wish he was coming cos he was not in the original line-up in the magazine. My night was complete then.

Brazilian models…

Century Tuna Superbods…

More men!

Centerfold, my most favorite part of the event…

Mikael Daez being oh soo geeky with glasses. I envy that girl he pulled from the crowed and kissed! Ugh.

…JM De Guzman who was I think a bit nervous especially when a girl made a move on him. He was like, very much surprised.

…and then there was Ian Batherson in a cop outfit and oh so sexy! He was definitely working it. 😉

Then they had the final walk… One Direction’s song was playing and still up today I’m still singing it. I just can’t get over the guys.

After the event, some of the guys went out for photos and to mingle with us girls.

I also got a photo with Divine Lee and Icy Mendoza.

Originally I just had 57 photos cos my battery died which really suck, good thing Kae brought her DSLR and although it literally overheat we were still able to cover the entire event. We were all sweaty not just because of the hot guys that were appearing and strutting their stuff but also the crowd was too packed and were like craving for men. ‘Twas like we had a workout for a month! But everything’s worth it. 🙂 Must definitely find a way to make VIP next year to avoid standing and sweating for hours!


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