Thought Isn’t Everything

It’s almost been a week since my mom’s birthday and we’re about to celebrate actually today. The worse thing ever is that I still haven’t found a gift for her.

When we were kids, we used to make her greeting cards almost out of anything. I remember that one time I glued leaves on a paper as design. But these past few years, I buy something for her. I already gave her a pair of earrings, tops, and bags. This year I want to give her another top in exchange for those tops that I borrowed from her when I had my internship. The thing is that, I can’t find a nice design or style for her. She doesn’t like those with ruffles, ribbons, and the likes; but that’s all I’m seeing in stores lately. And she’s also not the type to wear those with flowery designs or animal print.

I also thought of buying a bag for her but she has already lots of them. I don’t think she needs another one this time.

I know it’s the thought that counts but hey, it’s not everyday you get a thing for your mom the fact that it makes me happy too whenever I see her use whatever I give her.

‘Still in a dilemma.


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