Hi guys! I am so sorry for not updating my blog for months. I was in kind of a super busy phase of my academic existence.

Anyway, I have nothing much to share to you guys but thanks to the Daily Post for an inspiration to write about something.

Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

The perfect space for me to do my reading is a three-walled room and a wooden floor. If you’re asking for the fourth wall, then that would be a view of either woods or the sea. I want fresh air to go inside my system as I read and write whatever I please and draw inspiration from it.

As for the three walls, opposite the view would be a wooden fireplace with bookshelves on both sides. just above the fireplace is a player for my music needs because most of the time I could concentrate when I’m listening to Beethoven, Mozart and the likes.

The one wall will be covered by a huge bookshelf and a ladder just like in an old library. The classic. It will contain books that I used at school and other reference books  The last would be stacks of different kinds of bookshelves that will contain a collection of novels, manga and comic books. I will also like that wall to be decorated with some of my artworks in different frames.

For a couch, a single not-so-large white L-squared sofa will be enough and a few bean pillows on the floor because I find it comfortable reading and working while on the floor.


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