Call Me. Maybe Tomorrow.

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I once got my phone stolen by some lady who won’t ‘fess up even though I know she took it. But then, I was not worried like my life was depended on it. It was more like, I don’t have a watch to look at to so I would know what I must be doing at that time.

Yes, my relationship with my phone is just like my relationship with my watch.  It’s my alarm clock that wakes me and a calendar that notifies me on what to do. I am not worried that I won’t be able to socialize with my friends because I have social networking sites to log in to, and almost everyday I get to be with a friend or two and just borrow their phone if I needed to.

I know that having a phone lately is a necessity, but just because so you can text or call someone you have to talk to. I see the apps just as a freebie that comes with it. And the camera, yes, that’s important too.  To be honest, my last phone was a Nokia 6120 and I just changed it to a Nexus last December because my parents look at my phone like it does want to retire already. I could say I miss it sometimes, the beauty of an actual keypad but then I need to cope up with the techie world today.


8 responses to “Call Me. Maybe Tomorrow.

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  3. Nice response to the prompt. I still use a Nokia E5, I’m actually typing this response on my keypad! 🙂
    I love typing with my mobile phone. I could lie on my back, or just sit upright. My mobile phone is fun, especially with the full keyboard patterned keypad. Lovely post!

    • Hi there! Thanks and yes, using those kinds of phones are still the best, for me. I’m glad some people still see the actual keypad better than a touch screen pad. 🙂

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