I Ran For The Mangroves

This was my first time to do a 6km run since I pledged to myself that I will start running 5km this year but then the event does not have a 5km, so I registered at the 6. The Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 was participated by almost over 14,000 people, with a goal to help in donating mangrove plants in Zamboanga de Sibugay.

Check out my other blog explaining more about the run, Run For Mangroves and for other causes.

We arrived at about 4:30am since my dad ran the 10km run starting at about 5:00am while my siblings and I ran at the 6km which started at 6:00am.
I have the Nike Running App installed on my phone to track my record of previous runs. With my “Running” playlist, I’m good to go. The race goes on different waves and we belong to wave C, so while waiting for our own gun start we did some stretching and yoga (I think?) courtesy of Urban Ashram. Before the gun start, there were people from Liter of Light giving out flags to race with and I got myself one but then, after like about 500m they took it back. 😦
With the sun starting to rise, Jolibee and Hetty cheering beside the lines, I started to run. And crap, my music stopped. so I started the run with a walk, fixing my music. I found the first part hard because it was a slope upwards and I lack training, but then I continued to run all the way up and just walked a little after that. It was really hard to run fast because the path was crowded with people walking so almost every time, you have to excuse yourself.It was nice that the organizers of the marathon were fully prepared with hydration stations, medics present at the side and portalets at some parts of the course.

At first I was running with my sister and I wanted to capture some photos because it’s not everyday that you get to walk at the Skyway without getting hit by a car (photos will be present as soon as my sister send it to me!). After that I just ran by myself because I wanted to record the duration of my run. It was not an easy run for me, maybe it’s because of the wind or the training I had (which was none) but I don’t usually train so I don’t find it as a cause.

While running, some people in front of me were running in different ways. One was running sideways, another was running like she was stepping in a coal bed. I guess those were their tactics on finishing the race in one piece. But I tell you, I also have my own way; well at least not in terms of my running style like those that I mentioned.

One tactic I do to make myself run was to create an awesome playlist so I won’t get tired while running given the fact that I get sleepy when I run. Songs from Black Eyed Peas, Pussycat Dolls, LMFAO, David Guetta, Katy Perry, and The Cataracts are some of the artist in my playlist; though it’s still under construction. The only mistake I made was accidentally putting a feel-good song on my list and when I was running that played in. And I was like, “what the??” …just avoid feel-good, cozy songs and stick to upbeat.

Another tactic I have was to make a marker, a HUMAN MARKER. If that person passed by me, I should start running again until I pass that person. haha!

My app was talking to me, noting what distance I have covered already and how long. My last record was 5km at 38mins so when I was about to reach my time I did ran faster, and got tired faster. I was ready to give up when I saw the slope downwards which means that I’m near the finish line so, I let gravity take its natural course and I was speeding up. Then there were photographers, I was not able to take a photo in my camera ’cause my app’s running so whenever I see someone taking pictures, I got near them so they can take mine. haha! Although, I haven’t found yet a photo of mine. :))

Running still, I was so tired I want to faint but then seeing the timers at the finish line, I just told myself, “Do not faint! Just a little more, then I get to walk again”.

In the end, I finished at 45 minutes and 57 sec. and was #469 in the Overall 6km run.

See my run details at Nike+

After the run, my family and I headed straight to the Condura Village where activities were being held. The area was packed with people considering there were over a thousand participants. People inside were holding loot bags, so our first priority was, aside to get our medals we have to get a loot bag.

Given the crowd, there were also mascots roaming around the area.

The Condura Skyway Marathon was all out on freebies! It was like a food galore (with the exception of the Unilever products).


Inside the loot bag, I found my medal! for each run category, the laces also differ in color (orange, blue, pink and green). I almost thought that only the 42 km runners were gonna have a medal because they already have theirs as soon as they arrive at the finish line.



More photos after the event (of course I will not post all my photos here).



’til the next run 🙂


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