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Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

The LEAST six unique, exciting, and plain odd things people say about me…

1. I am a born-leader. –which I really think is not! Yes, I do sometimes take the leader role in groups but then I always find myself screwing things up and highlighting the works of my subordinates. And I mean that happens, ALWAYS. I bring them up while I go down. It looks like I have an agenda against myself.

2. I have an “English Way of Eating” — I’m not discriminating or anything (if that’s what you call it) but watching Pride and Prejudice-kind of films and see their way of eating, that’s how they always see me eat. People always notice that about me, while I think I just eat like everybody else.

3. You don’t like it when I’m angry –Some friends of mine, never like it when I’m angry. They say I’m very scary, and so our classmates would also be scared to make me mad. But hey. I’m not the person who creates a scene or something when I’m angry. I just have the tendency to choose the right words carefully as a comeback, so they hit hard. Haha!  I’m like a one-liner when I fight back, considering I don’t curse, and I hate cursing.

4. I do the crazy stuff. –I was the first one to get a frog (with my hands) for our experiment. I was very much excited in holding a snake and a cockroach. I eat a cooked snake flesh (that was a cobra, I think?), and a fried frog. I was always the one who wanted to try things first. You only live once, so might as well enjoy and fulfill it.

5. I was a very effective villain… –during school plays. This I conclude because my teacher then hailed me as a Best Actress that time when I have to play as one of the people plotting to kill Julius Caesar (I think?). And that one time when I was having my evil laugh in one of our school plays, I got a high score then.

6. I always visit the bookstore… to buy a ballpen, or just buy anything that I fancy inside a bookstore. –My sister would always say to me that I should get a “Laking National” card (it’s like a membership card for bookstores) so I could avail discounts when I buy something because everytime she’s gonna borrow my pencil case, there would always be something new inside. In my pov, I just wanted to see something new because you really see lots of things in a bookstore 🙂

Most would probably say something about their personality but I wanted to be different; so that’s me according to them, which I contradict sometimes. It’s odd.


7 responses to “Ab-Normal

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  2. Humans are always a contradiction. 🙂 I love your post. There are subtle turns in your “abnormalities” which is a nice treat for your reader. Gonna follow your posts. See ya!

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