When One Is Lost, Many Will Come

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Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?



Aside from our finals exam, the year started with me being in a relationship that is hanging by a thread. By February, he called it quits and because I can feel that something’s really wrong, I agreed. A week later, he told me he wanted to get back with me; and a week after that, I agreed. Which I am now seeing it as a wrong move. because that first breakup we had, we were somehow still friends and just taking our relationship (which was then-over)  in a lighter side.

So, yes. 2010 was the year I was crazy in-love with a boy. The rest of February up to July, I was being happy with him, going on dates and such. But by August I had been stalker-ish by opening his Facebook account ONE TIME (which is very very WRONG. I know!) and saw these messages (dated December 2009-Febraury 2010) to another girl, denying he was in a relationship and that he was asking her out. Now I know what was going on that first month of the year. He even invited her for Valentine’s Day!!! So then I confronted him about it because everyone knows that if I knew that those messages happened, there would be no reconciling to happen. August is where we cooled-off and then eventually broke up. I called it quits while I was taking my finals exam in one of my major subjects, because it looks like he wanted me to do it. I just gave him what he wanted. The next day, he had his eyes on another girl. That was the second and last breakup which now led us to not talking to each other now.

August 2010 was the month when I needed my friends for advice and company. I was always hanging out near my high school friend’s university and she was there making me happy and introducing me to new people, surprisingly giving me advice as well. I was having dinner with them just to keep me occupied. I really didn’t want to dwell much on the experience and pain, but I was happy because it really worked. You would really know who your true friends are when they stick with you even at your lowest points.

Each year in November, our school organizes a pageant which the winners will compete for the next year’s college pageant from different schools/departments. My group of friends have all joined in the previous years which now left me as the only one joining the 2010 pageant. Because of that and I was still feeling down from my breakup, I joined (which was in the least of I-must-do’s in college).

Training for the pageant started by September up until the pageant night (November). I became busy with my studies at day and practicing my walk and poses at night because training was scheduled around 6pm-9pm. I had dinner with my co-candidates which was fun because I gained more friends, and up until now I still have them. I started to practice my piano for the talent part (that really really sucks).

On pageant night, though I did not place, I won Ms. Popularity and Ms. Congeniality.  Oh! My piano playing really really sucked because people were giving me too much pressure. After that, we had some drinks. That month was probably the start of me drinking alcohol although I’m not really in to that anymore right now. Well, you cannot really call it drinking when I’m not that much of a drinker. November was also the month when I first entered a Horror House. I hate horror houses because I think I’m gonna die literally, but since we were many that time I decided to go with them and just keep pulling people towards me blocking all “enemies”. 🙂

December was a good month although people (including my own mother!) keep on updating me on the relationship status of my ex-boyfriend (which I try and really try not to think about). I had no failing grades that term and I had my Christmas party with my co-candidates at Enchanted Kingdom which was really fun because I never get to spend a whole day with friends afar until late at night.

So that’s it! my 2010 is about love lost and friends found. 🙂


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