Home Is Your Territory

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!

It was a Sunday. Of all days, the professor chose this particular day for a final examination in Mechanics. It was also the day after typhoon Ketsana.

I woke up late to the voice of my mother reminding me of the exam I was supposed to take. Electricity was still out in our area so I have to take a bath in icy cold water.

Hurriedly, I wore a simple shirt, shorts, and my t-strap sandals since it’s comfy and there’s no dress code to follow at that time. It was just after the typhoon and it is Sunday, so there were very few taxis passing by where I usually wait. It took me almost an hour to get one and of course it was very traffic because there were still some flooded areas.

Just when I got off the taxi, I felt something popped and looking down,  the straps of my sandals got released. I asked the side vendor if she had any super glue or whatever to fix it. She had none but she helped me stuck the strap inside.  I went on walking by the city hall to the underpass. I was walking like I got a bad ankle because the straps might pop again, and while I was now walking to go inside Intramuros (where my school is located) it popped, again. I tried to stick the straps inside but my sandals couldn’t take it anymore. So there, I decided to continue walking with bare feet.

Arriving to school, I asked the guard if there are any available slippers or sandals from the Lost and Found that I could wear. It was a good thing there was something for me to borrow but it was a heeled sandals, the ones you wear an evening gown or something formal with. And there I was wearing knee-length shorts and a shirt, totally inappropriate for such shoes but it’s better than nothing.

In my classroom, I started to prepare for the examination so I took out the things I would need. Pencil, black pen for writing, red pen for marking (but then I decided to take out my whole pencil case because I need every colored pen for the exam), eraser and calcu…


I forgot my calculator. The most important thing in the world of an engineering student. The only hope to pass the subject, and I forgot. I checked my phone, almost battery empty but can still make a few texts. I went out of the classroom and texted everyone I knew who were living near the school. I waited and waited. After 15 minutes, *twit twit, twit twit, sms.* (my message alert tone) someone still cares from above!

I met my friend at the school entrance, and passed me a Casio calculator. Great! I’m using the Sharp. I still have about a minute to figure its functions out.

The final exam comprised of 10 problem solving questions, 5 which I know nothing about, and a bonus point (where we have to tell a joke). So I’m taking all my hopes to that bonus point. After the exam I left immediately. I went to buy some flip flops on the mall so that I could return the heels. When I was gonna return it, the guard noticed that I’m wearing flops and kind of reprimanded me. I told him I was gonna go home already and I just returned the sandals I borrowed. He still said that I should not wear ’em inside the campus.

Then I was inside the taxi on my way home and I was checking my stuff inside my bag. Something was missing. My pencil case. I placed it under my chair. All 10 colored and newly bought gel pens, gone just like that together with my very cute metal pencil case. I even paid for it with my own money!

My mind was telling me to just breathe. I’m gonna arrive home soon. I got off the taxi and started walking home. Near the entrance of our subdivision, there was this muddy area with water. Then there was this car. And there was me, my clothes spotted with mud. Great!

I ran home immediately to stop this catastrophe.


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