For A Clear Mind

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Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

I love nature, or at least I believe that I am meant to live surrounded by nature. Being a girl who always lived in the city, I always go for trips involving hiking, trekking or swimming.

In the city, it is very difficult to find a place where no one will distract you (unless you’re in a chapel or a library). Considering I’m taking up a very technical course which requires a lot of things to do, I always look forward to find time and go unwind on out-of-town trips.

Every time my family goes to the beach, or whenever my friends and I finished a hike; I never fail to get some “alone time” just to clear off my mind. It is the most relaxing thing that I do during those times. I always look towards the horizon, when on beach or the surrounding city views when on mountain; when I’m in a forest, I just listen to the chirping birds and the sound of the wind.

There was this one time my cousins and I laid down by the beach at night and just observed the stars for hours, it was one of the most memorable things we did that night.

After being on such places, I always feel more relaxed and be able to think clearly again. Nature trips are like a reset button in me. I believe that there’s no other place better than with nature itself.


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