That Day

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

Write a post inspired by your sixteenth birthday.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SIXTEEN.

Sixteen was not a significant thing but from where I came from, Eighteen is the one.

I guess any number will do but it has to be that one point in a girl’s life to turn into a lady.

It’s when we get to plan ahead of everyone.

It can be sweet, it can be the opposite.

But surely I will not forget how mine all started.

My mom was ready to plan, my dad wasn’t. So in the end there were none created.

I took the matter in my own hands and searched for a place where it could all happen.

Never wavering into my previous celebrations, I chose to spend that day on an island.

I texted my friends the last minute hoping they’ll come at such late notice.

So eventually it all happened.

It was that day when my family and closest friends gathered.

And that special call from a special boy who couldn’t be there.

That made it a bit better.

I had no 18 roses and candles. I had 18 rocks which they picked up somewhere.

It’s kind of funny and yet symbolic.

They were my strength when I had none left so it was a perfect alternative.

I had no lights and sound system but we had an mp3 player, so they put it on  and I instantly had my 18 dances.

Out of everything that could possibly happen on that day. I was glad it happened the day it did.

It was that day that officially made me a lady, and that day when I learned to cherish small gestures and real friends.


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