Island-hopping at Caramoan

Last March 2013, we decided to go to Caramoan for the summer. Caramoan is one of the islands in the Bicol region and is becoming more popular because of the Survivor.

Usually you can get there by plane but my parents wanted to go by car so we traveled for NINE HOURS, which is really tiring. We arrived at the port by past midnight so there were no more available boats going to the island. There are small inns where you can stay, although I suggest you make a reservation first before going because when we arrived they were all fully booked. Good thing was that we were able to find this house whose owner let us rent a room. The place has enough parking space for 4 cars and the room has an outlet so you can charge your phones. There is also an outdoor bathroom so it would not be too intruding to the owners. It’s also not too far from the port which is good.

By 5 AM we started fixing our things and headed to the port. You have to get your names listed by the person assigned there to get a seat. There is no actual booth for that but you’ll know where when you see people passing on some papers. Judging by the dates on my photos, the travel time would take almost 2 hours from the port to the island.

a1 a2If you want to stay at resorts with pool, then I suggest you go someplace else. Resorts are offering beautiful beach front of course with a price added to it. It was a bit pricey for us so we googled for places where we can stay. We found this nice house that offers group packages which is great because we were almost 20 persons and we stayed for 3 days. The package includes the house, a tour of the surrounding islands, and food! So it’s not necessary to bring so much. Our contact had also made arrangements to pick us up on the port so it’s not a hassle for us to commute.


The house is located near the beach but don’t get your hopes too high because it’s not a white sand beach.


Wait ’til you go for a boat ride and you’ll start to see the pristine water and beautiful rock formations. You can also see the white sand in the islands nearby.

a4The first island was small so we only took a few shots with the big rock situated at the front.

a6a5The next island we went to was bigger and has a lot of white sand which is really pretty. There’s also a small lagoon in the middle of the island but you have to climb up first to see it. Looking closely you can see some fish but I doubt people go down and catch it. There are really no paths to go down to the lagoon so we just stayed on top for some time. If you’ll do that I suggest you bring lots of sunblock and a hat. The heat is really off the hook and we forgot to bring those so we were all hiding in our sarongs.



But aside from the lagoon, you could also see the beautiful islands of Caramoan. The scenery is like almost from a postcard! It has such wonderful greens and blues and you can see the sea plants beneath.


More photos by the rocks and the beach!



And this proves that we are still such kids. Haha!

a10 a11
a12 a13

There are other islands that you can go to but the two islands probably are the best out of the 4 that we’ve been to. Our tour guide also decided to stop in the middle of our tour so we could swim. They have provided us with life vests but of course you can go without one if you know how to not drown.


After which, we got to meet up with our parents. We got separate boats so that we could go have some fun of our own. Our last stop was the one island that has its shore expand more during low tide. It’s not like the usual point where most water leave. This one was really far. They had floating cottages here but once the low tide starts, the cottages just stand there waiting for it to float again.

See those tiny things below? That’s where the cottages are.


This is the extent of the low tide and that’s the shore at the back (originally). Too far!


There are also people selling seashells that differ in sizes and at a cheap price. The biggest would probably be Php 100-200, from what I heard from my mom. And you can also bargain for the price. Some also sell coconuts at Php 20.

a16a17 So there! We actually only spent a day exploring Caramoan because the first day we were tired and decided to make the tour on the next day. The third day well, we had to go early because there are only several scheduled boats that goes to and from the island. By the way, you’ll probably need to inform your friends where you’re going because there’s really poor cellular reception. The place is not that developed and you might also experience brownouts at night at least an hour or less. Not to worry though, the cool air would keep you sleep at night or you can chat up with your buddies outside while waiting for electricity to return.


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