Jumping Off Balagbag Falls

Last weekend my family celebrated two of my uncles’ birthday. We went to Real, Quezon Province where one uncle of mine lives and we had been there previously at least 4 times. I love the place because even though it doesn’t have the always-adored white sand beach, it’s always where we get together. My cousins (from dad’s side) and I, doing just the simple things because usually when we do reunions it always involves playstations, xbox, and anything from the internet which gets boring when done every time.

(sorry for that dirt in my camera)


a1 a2

On this place, we got to talk about stuff. We eat, do walks, have a bonfire, and star gaze which really is nice because you can see plenty of them (and shooting stars!). We had LOTS of photos which has been routinary in our family reunions.

a3 a4

The highlight of this weekend is me jumping off a waterfall! It’s not everyday  you get to jump off something with no ropes to hold you so I grabbed the opportunity. I can be a bit of reckless so doing this makes it exciting and fun. The original plan was just to stay at the beach, but none of us wanted to swim because of the cold weather and the waves which are pretty hard to swim into (considering my sister almost drowned before). One of my cousins suggested we go to Balagbag Falls. From where we are, it just takes about 30 minutes or less to drive all the way there.  Along the way, road construction is being carried out and some of the roads are not yet done. 

An entrance fee of Php 20 is collected before going to the falls, afterwards you’ll have to do a small hike to reach the falls. It’s just a few minutes so there’s no sweat. There are no cottages but I guess you can just bring a table or a picnic mat so you can eat there. The Balagbag Falls is an almost (or it is a) 50-ft tiered waterfall. You can jump off of the first fall because it’s the water below is a bit deep. The way up is to climb the rocks beside it. My mom didn’t want me to go but because I’m a very good daughter I insisted that I do. Haha!


Balagbag Falls


Climbing the top, there is a wider pool on it but jumping from the falls above it is not possible (unless you want to end your life). The water is shallow so we just took lots of pictures below the falls. Judging from my pose (2nd photo below), the water is really cold! Add this weather so it’s really REALLY cold!

a14 a18

On a poorly edited slow-mo shot of me not-counting-before-jumping-and-realizing-I’m-not-ready, my overall feelings about this can be summarized into two things: 1. It was really fun I want to do it again, and 2. It hurts. It really hurts because my thighs decided to hit the water first. Now they have red (almost black) marks 😦 but it was all worth it and I would do it again since I’m all for reckless and adventures. 


the poorly edited slow-mo shot

More photos after jumping off the falls! (just right across the road)




By far, going to Quezon and spending time there by the beach is one of the most relaxing things I’ve done but it would be awesome-er if we could go back during the summer because the water in Balagbag is fresh and cool and I wouldn’t mind jumping off a few times. 


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