From A Book, to The World, and To Me

I was at a new bookstore in Las Pinas and I saw this book by Keri Smith, entitled “How To Be An Explorer Of The World: Portable Art Life Museum”. Some of you may have already seen or read this book, maybe you have tried doing the things indicated on it. Maybe you can share your experiences with me? It caught my eye at first because the title is very catchy and yet it’s near the self-help books which I really don’t buy. I didn’t have second thoughts on buying it. Anyway, I think this book would be a great start into making this blog more of what I pictured it out to be, which is an Art and Travel blog.


The book contains quotes from different writers or explorers (that I don’t know), and some “tips and tools” on becoming an explorer of the world. But the main purpose of this book is not just to give us what we need to bring or do. It tells the reader to use everything of their own, their body parts and senses but mostly their curiosity which I think is the most important tool, not just of being an explorer but being a person as well. In a deeper sense, we might observe that even in ourselves as we grow old, we tend to just accept the facts and not question it. We see something and the moment passes by without us knowing anything about it. And most times, the things we tend to ignore are things that need more focusing in to, they are the most important.


Just as what National Geographic says, Live Curious. 😉

The book contains 59 explorations, all are open to interpretation, there are no rules and you can start with whatever makes you feel like doing it.

So here I am to document my explorations once a week and randomly, starting this February and I’ll be linking the results to this post 🙂


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