Taking breaks

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a GROUP.

Tick tock. It’s 4:30. I keep glancing on my watch because I’m getting sleepy in this class, I don’t know why. I never really felt like sleeping on this professor’s class but probably it’s because we’re discussing Distillation. And I have so much things to think of.

Probably he decided to take a quick break from his lectures because suddenly he asked a question to Clint, that guy sitting in front-center of the room. I didn’t remember the question but he doesn’t really know the answer so the professor said, “Why don’t you sing ‘Happy Birthday’, Clint?”

Clint was just staring at him, and vice versa. It took a pause but then Clint sang the “Happy Birthday”.

“Thank you” suddenly says Jean, the girl sitting on the second row.

 The class laughed. It seemed that our professor memorized each one’s birthday. “I’m glad mine’s on April” I said looking back to Tin who smiled in response. We always do this side comments thing whenever the teacher takes a break from lectures.

Suddenly bringing up the most-watched primetime series, “So what happened in ‘Got to Believe’?” Change topic, I guess. He brought the mic in front of Clint’s face.

“I don’t know, sir.”

“You don’t watch it?”

“No sir.”

“What happened in ‘Got to Believe’?” the professor asked again the students on the other side.

“Joaquin went to Singapore” says one.

“That part was already aired last week” says the professor. So he was watching it. Well, I wouldn’t question it. My parents also watches the series too. The girl who answered the question shrugged so he brought the mic again in front of Clint.

“What shows do you watch, Clint?” He’s probably fond of this Clint guy, or maybe he was just lucky enough by sitting front-center.

“I don’t watch t.v., sir” he was smiling probably doesn’t want to share much to the class.

“Really, you don’t?”

“No sir”

“Okay then, what number are we?” and then the lecture resumes.


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