For The Young Buddhist monks

Hello to all!

This is me asking for your help to get me to Nepal this coming June to teach young Buddhist monks. Here is the content of my blog about this topic on Volunteer Forever.

There are many things that life has taught me as I was finishing my degree and one is that, I should treasure each thing that was taught to me because it is our knowledge that will take us to places.

In India, Nepal there many Tibetans that are living in exile and are faced with many problems, education being one of them. In turn, communities have provided ‘children’s villages’ to support religious practices and provide education (such as English and computer skills) to young Buddhist monks. Through Volunteers without Borders, I will take a trip to Nepal and help teach these children what I know and other activities that might interest them among other things. With your help, you could give not one but many children an opportunity to learn things that are beyond them and that for a second, they may not feel exiled among others.

This will be my first trip to volunteer abroad and I hope it’ll be a meaningful one because I want to share with other people what I have received my whole life which is learning without hindrance. In return of this great favor that you will give me and these children, I will updated my blog everyday while on this trip and somehow let you take a glimpse of what your help has made us through.

Help me reach my goal: click HERE.


I really believe that this kind of effort is worth doing and would mean a lot not just to me but to all who will help and all those who I’d be able to teach. I may have little experience because I only did teach children during community services in our school, but I have a lot of drive to pursue this. This fundraising will cover airfare and other fees that I might need in order to help these kids. You can click the icon “HERE” or the “Volunteer Forever” tab in my upper left page. I would appreciate it more if you share my page there.

Thank you. x


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