Major Alert

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

Describe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.” Tell us about the decision, and why you’d choose to take a different path this time around.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ITERATION.

I’d probably switch my major (which is Chemical Engineering) to Fine Arts. I know that finishing my current major can take me places and open a lot of job opportunities but I feel like I’m being pressured by people surrounding and expecting a lot from me. Some people focus on just money and career, and I want to be like that but somehow I don’t want to be that (get it?). I feel that I want something more worthwhile than that because eventually all the money and career have no use in the end. I want to experience more and do more and not focus on some academic term. Maybe if I just pursued fine arts I would be like this happy girl doing her drawings and all, not some super stressed girl who barely graduated. I can’t believe that I am already 23 years old and I still need permission to go hang out with friends because of this friggin’ never-ending studies. Oh, and probably if I just took up Fine Arts, I’ll just be backpacking all over the world and doing what I love while at it.

But of course, I still love my major. I would have never met great friends, learn most things that cannot be comprehended with in one sitting, and I can do lots of things with it like create bombs (kidding!) and such. I know I brought this all to myself and I just have to deal with and make the most out of it! 🙂


p.s. and I am probably saying all these things because I’m actually in the middle of studying and I’m tired. haha!


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