So There He Was

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

Remember your first crush? Think about that very first object of your affection. Oh, the sweaty palms. The swoony feeling in your stomach. Tell us the story of your first crush. What was it about this person that made your heart pound? Was the love requited? Change the names to protect the guilty or innocent if you must! No judgement here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SMITTEN.

So there was G, my forevermore first crush when I was in 3rd grade. I can’t recall if we really talked much but he was seated  beside me (specifically on my right) in class. He was a bit quiet and I was noisy then. Our classmates have teased us sometimes of being together because I told some of them about him being a crush. I was wearing dresses during our casual Fridays just so he can see me all prettied up. Haha! I guess the thing that made my heart pound is that aside from being cute, he is really kind and timid which is very unlikely to boys his age. There are only two “moments” that we had that I up until now remember:

One was this time when we had a school mass and we were seated together and when we we’re singing the Lord’s Prayer (where all of us hold hands then), my smile was up to my ears and his hand was on mine, mine on his. I will never forget that moment. I know it’s very funny to be hearing it right now but imagine if you’re still at that age and the boy you like held hands with you, even if it’s because of a prayer. Now that I think about it, maybe God did something about that. Haha!

 The second was that during a school activity in the auditorium. We were supposed to be with our own parents, but I was seated at the bleachers with a classmate and then suddenly near the entrance I saw him with his dad. I think we were far to be noticed and it was dark, but he noticed me, waved at me and then he pulled his dad to take a video of me and my friend.

I was contented enough to see him smile at me or talk to me so I never really gave thought about him reciprocating my feelings then. And we just became classmates for a year because I had to transfer schools. He was my crush up ’til junior high but forever will be the first. Oh and I kind of stalked a bit during the “friendster stages” of our time because I didn’t have news about him anymore. He became a professional motor racer and I was even proud of it, cheering silently for him.

I hope you’re in a good place, G.


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