Keep It To Yourself

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

You. We know *you* are vice-free, dear Daily Post reader. But, or perhaps we should say, “butt,” others around you and in your life are riddled with vices: they smoke; they eat too much celery; they hog the covers; they can’t keep their hands out of the office candy bowl. Which vice or bad habit can you simply not abide in others?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us VICE.

I can tolerate my dad’s occasional drinking to my friend’s every-after-break-up drinking to my uncle’s constant drinking sessions, because I know there can be health benefits from drinking (in small amounts) like they have antioxidants or something, I  also think it’s okay to drown your emotions and at least be numb for sometime, and my uncle’s pretty fun to watch when he’s drunk because he says all this funny things and he gives away money. haha!

It’s probably okay to collect “guy stuff” because men are just being men that is, if you’re my boyfriend or something, then I’ll find it really disturbing and I’ll probably set your collection on fire.

Playing cards or computer games is kind of annoying when it’s too much, like you don’t have any other life besides that.

Chomping on any food is not really an issue to me. You gotta eat what you wanna eat. 

I don’t have much issue on things with very little effects, but the one thing I cannot really cope up with is smoking. Some friends tell me it relieves stress, well I’m sure I can find other stress-reliever and not resource to smoking. I really hate it when someone beside you smokes and all the smoke goes to your face, and the way the smell sticks into their clothing; you get to suffer as well.  I guess in one way they see it as a cool thing but it’s not and when people make them quit it’s very hard for them. I don’t like the idea of something controlling a person that way. It may come from peer pressure or media influence, but every person should have a stronger will to ignore something that they know it would cost much more in the end. And I think I have seen a substantial amount of photos featuring the after-effects of smoking thank you very much.

All I’m saying is that anything is okay just as long as it doesn’t affect another person, because it’s rude and you don’t get to answer for whatever will happen to that other person.



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