When I Hate Money

The daily dose of a Daily Prompt by the Daily Post.

We all have jobs, tasks, and chores that we dislike doing. Tell us all about the least favorite job/task/chore that you get stuck doing routinely. What is it about this duty that you can’t stand?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DUTY.

My parents are both contractors and have a small company. Every time my parents go out of town and leave us, they always leave me the task of handling the salary of their employees and other financial needs that their current projects need. The thing about it is that I’m usually busy and almost every half an hour, their helper comes to get something (usually the money for deliveries and such). I easily get irritated because he keeps on repeating everything that he got from me that day even though I already have a list of those. I really would appreciate if my parents would just leave the money on their helper instead of me because at the end of the day he gets it all anyway. I also don’t like the possibility of getting questioned every now and then when they return and something is missing in my list. They have no idea how poor I am at handling money I even forget where I spent my allowance, and to think they always leave me with a huge sum of money. I hate financial stuff. I’d rather spend money than compute for it.


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