Sketchbook Project

So what to do in my own art and travel blog if I’m not gonna post my own work?

Sorry for being on hiatus but now I could say that I am back! I just have to cut back on posting but I will try to post something every week.

To kick-off this art part of my blog I want to start with my very own Sketchbook Project. Although there is this site called The Sketchbook Project which is really awesome because with only $25/$60, you’ll get a blank sketchbook and finished works will be archived in the Brooklyn Art Library. Yeah, I’m not very original with coming up with a name for this because it’s basically a sketchbook project!

Weapons of choice:

 A sketchbook (notebook size so I can bring it everywhere)


Gel pen and pencil


I want to start off first with the basics because I’m a beginner in doodling but hey, I hope to get better as I fill out all the pages. So you get to imagine what will appear to each page and I hope you could bear with it.

More posts to come from this project soon! And I hope that when I finish this I’d be able to put some color in my next one.


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