A Piece of Paradise at the Twin Beaches

For our last day in El Nido, my mom decided to go to the Nacpan and Calitang Beach also known as the Twin Beaches. This is a part of the Inland tours offered at almost all travel agencies in El Nido, that would be Tour E (along with Nagkalit-kalit Falls) and it can be done in half a day. We didn’t take the package though and it’s a good thing because we spent almost a full day.

The trip to the beach took 20-45 minutes and would be somewhat a bumpy ride because parts of the road are under construction, but it’s all worth it once you get to it.


The island on the right (above photo) is owned by Manny Pacquiao, said the tour guide and one of the cottage owners. The wide and long stretch of white sand continues up to the island of Calitang, Nacpan’s twin. Swimming is also desirable to do it here without the use of aqua shoes! It’s all sand and you can barely see corals unless you get to the other side of the midsection of the twin beaches.

You’d have to be careful too because Nacpan Beach is also a surfing spot so the current can be dangerous depending on the weather, and that’s according to our tour guide and there’s a warning sign posted on a tree. Didn’t see any waves when we were there tho.

DSC_0083edited DSC_0087edited DSC_0123edited  DSC_0129edited DSC_0132edited

The area is not commercialized so expect to see less. The only thing you’ll see is this beautiful rest house owned by a foreigner and a small fishing village.

DSC_0197editedDSC_0135editedDSC_0136edited DSC_0138edited

In getting the best view, you need to trek a little. Once you get to the top you not only get to see the connecting beaches of Nacpan and Calitang beach but also a 360-degree view of the whole area which is beautiful. See it HERE.

DSC_0144editedDSC_0150edited DSC_0152edited DSC_0163edited DSC_0168edited

There are also a few cottages there offering different meals. You can see below the actual menu and you can request how you want it cooked. They also don’t charge anything on the cottage rent if you buy meals from them.

You can also ask to have your mobile phones charged while you’re having fun under the sun but you’ll have to pay for the gasoline since the electricity is run by generator.

DSC_0127edited DSC_0203edited DSC_0205edited DSC_0206edited DSC_0091editedDSC_0111edited

It’s paradise, dude“, said this American guy who was also there. And it really is.

It’s a perfect getaway for a day of relaxing and soaking under the sun. Perfect if you want seclusion because almost everybody’s busy spending time on the other tours. And you can gain some friends because there’s only a few people hanging around there and it would be boring just talking to yourself the whole day. Haha! To get to the beach, you can rent a van or a tricycle to take you there and wait for you. You can also rent a motorbike if you want.

DSC_0199editedDSC_0200editedDSC_0210edited DSC_0212edited DSC_0217edited DSC_0218edited


5 responses to “A Piece of Paradise at the Twin Beaches

    • Yeah, probably because people are choosing the most popular activities which in El Nido are the island hopping tours. I think the most important thing to do is research, to see which ones are worth the travel.

      Thanks! Hope you could visit El Nido too. 🙂

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