Oh Deer!

This took me 8 hours to finish!

As I was sitting in our living room there was this deer statue on top of our table with a very detailed design so I wanted to do something like it.


First thing was an outline. It doesn’t have to be that good because you’ll have to erase it afterwards. It’s just a guide to what you want to form.

Next, draw circles everywhere. It doesn’t have to be within the outline because as a I said you’ll erase it after. I used a coin to draw the circles. After which you’d have to create your own pattern. For this, I started with a small circle in the center and did a 4-petal flower then another set of petals in the middle of each. Just do the same to the other circles if you want a uniform pattern. Using a pen, highlight the parts you want to include, until you come up with this:


Then clean your work! 🙂


It really took a lot of patience from me because I wanted to start another drawing and I was just penciling by the 6th hour. So yeah, good luck if you’re gonna try this.


For more of my Sketchbook Project: Click here


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