See Him

Back to Puerto Princesa and out of ideas on where to go because we’ve already had all the tours from our previous trip, we asked a tricycle driver on other destinations that we can visit that is not far and he suggested for us to go to Kuyba Almoneca which is only about 15 minutes from the town proper.


Asking what was special about this cave, the driver told us that there is a rock formation of Jesus Christ’s image inside the cave. Kuyba Almoneca is a meditation garden and has chapels, grotto, and caves inside the area. It can also serve as an events place.


The term Kuyba is a Bicolano dialect term for ‘cave’ and Almoneca is the combination of the names of the children of the owners. The first cave which is called the Holy Family Cave is a 40-meter underground cave, and was accidentally discovered when the lot was being surveyed for the construction of the property. The cave’s floor is cemented for easy access while retaining the stalactites and stalagmites in the rest of the area.


Along the way, you will see religious figures as to make the place more spiritual…


…and it surrounds the image of Jesus.


The second cave is called the Covenant Cave but inside of it is a somewhat fish spa.  They have these fishes in the tub that eats on dead skin cells. Swimming is also allowed but only for a limited time.


Water is supplied by the cave itself so you’ll see that the whole area is wet. The owners also make use of the water coming from here for watering the plants and other suitable uses. The area is under renovation because they are adding some facilities to it.


The chapel has an open-air setting and the chairs are made from Narra.


You could also see some bones of deer and wild boar displayed near the Covenant Cave. These were found inside the caves.


A little reminder, the owners have a special child named Neil. He likes to get the numbers of those who visits and actually calls it to make sure that it is the right number. Also, try not to cough, sneeze, and say ‘good morning’ to him.



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