Fish and Art

Your tour of Puerto Princesa is not complete if you have not yet eaten to one of it’s famous restaurants, KaLui. Situated along Rizal Avenue, KaLui Restaurant is not only famous for its seafood- and vegetable-only menu but also for the Filipino home setting they have going on. Decorations are pleasing to the eyes creating a beautiful ambiance.


The wooden floors is clean and well-polished, you wouldn’t mind the walking in barefoot. Even their comfort room doesn’t look like one at all. Shoes are kept in baskets and lockers while you enjoy your meal. You may also be seated out in the garden, a regular chair, or on pillows at the floor inside the restaurant.

DSC_0651editedDSC_0664editedEach decoration is different but put them together and they create a one beautiful setting. I really don’t know but my sister said that the interior design is made by a true Filipino because only Filipinos can put so many things in one place and make it seem right, creating that homey feeling.


The food is fresh and usually depends on the catch of the day. We had Sashimi, Tuna Steak, and Blue Marlin (I think?) and a complimentary of fresh fruits was also served.


If you are done eating and not want to go out yet, go to the back and you’ll find beautiful paintings by locals. You can also find replicas of some famous paintings such as Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and Judith with the Head of Holofernes.



The Kiss (replica)


Judith with the Head of Holofernes (replica)

If you plan on dining here, it would be better to book a reservation in advance because a lot of tourists go here. You can ask the hotel or inn staff or any contact you have in Puerto Princesa to help you.



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