Break and Release

Have you got Anger Management issues? Perhaps someone you want to punch square in the face? Instead of doing something that might send you to jail or worse, a mental institution; why not head to the Tacsiyapo Wall in Laguna and break something (guilt-free).


Located at Isdaan Restaurant in Calauan, Laguna, this wall is famed for receiving all the anger and other negative emotions you have. From Php15, you can throw porcelain mugs, plates, and bowls. Hell yeah, you can even throw a television (Php 1,300) against the wall. What’s cool is you have to shout “Tacsiyapo!” (“Shame on you!”) before throwing whatever you have on your hands to that wall. Just imagine that whoever that person is standing in front! Haha!


Think you might have forgotten someone in your “Kill List”? The wall is there to remind you of whoever that is. It may be some snatcher, a swindler, the casino, your exes, or someone related to you. But of course you will not just make a 2-hour drive from the city just to break something, you can also release your stress by eating at the restaurant. Talk about a stress-releasing activity. You won’t miss Isdaan Restaurant which is just along the road, because they have this giant oriental-influenced structures that will make you feel like you’re in Indonesia or some Asian country.

Now this is me telling you to break lose and release those pent-up emotions. Oh, and words of advice: Hit hard.



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