Group Art?

It’s always that moment when you can’t wait to shade the larger parts of your drawing because progress is obvious that way. More importantly when you’re dying to see your work done. As you can see from my previous posts, I’ve only been doing doodles. I just bought a new sketch pad because my last one had loose pages and it’s hard to work while keeping them together, so to christen it I did my first-ever many-characters-in-a-paper drawing! Haha! I forgot what’s that called if there’s a terms for that. Group art, maybe?


Anyway, to have an idea on who they are, these guys are the Night Raid from Akame Ga Kill. I haven’t read the manga but I’m loving the series. And I never really had the will to draw lots of characters on a single paper because there are times where I can do one character really good and the next would be out of proportion. I did this for two days max and had to relax my eyes for a whole day (and slept a whole afternoon) because I got my copy from the computer and I’ve been staring at it the whole time. It’s a real surprise for me that I dared doing something that I usually skip just because it’s a lot of work considering the small details. My hands are super tired from those two days because I keep telling myself to finish it already. Hopefully, I did some justice in each character. For the background, I used cotton buds to spread out the shade and soften it.


  • Staedler pencils H, 2B, 4B, and 6B
  • UniPin Fine Line 0.2
  • Fixative
  • cotton buds (haha!)

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