Hundred And More Steps

Located at Dominican Hill road, Lourdes Grotto has been a favorite tourist spot in Baguio, but not for me when I was a kid. This was my second time visiting the shrine and the first visit had me going back while not yet reaching the top.

Lourde Grotto 01Access to the top is by going up 252 steps or you could drive from the other side and lessen the steps to take.

lourdes grotto 02Upon reaching the top of the grotto, you will see that sign above with the saying, “Tota Pulchra Es Maria” which means, “Mary, you are in everything, beautiful“. Devotees who go up to the grotto to pray usually light up a candle at an altar below the image. Vendors are to be seen selling flowers and candles for offering.

lourdes grotto 03

lourdes grotto 04

view from the grotto

Souvenir shops are available around the area and photo ops with some of the tribes can be taken at Php 20 per shot (with your camera or phone) while headpieces can be rented at Php 5 each. The funny thing is that they want to do wacky poses at EVERY shot.

lourdes grotto 05


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