From 14°28’00″N to everywhere.


ALENI (or Lein as called by her family) is an art and travel enthusiast.  Cultivated by Paulinian and Mapuan culture, she graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She’s got her own contradicting personas in the stage of reality and has eclectic tastes in just about anything and everything.

Currently getting back into drawing and playing the piano, Aleni is waiting for some miracle to happen to make this phase of her life as fun and worthwhile as possible. Aleni’s very interested in Anime, Greek Mythology, Puzzles, and World Flags; is into running, hiking, swimming and is dying to go para-sailing, snowboarding, cliff diving, and to be able to volunteer in other countries.

Aleni is pro-environment/nature, wellness, world peace, and carbohydrates.

Aleni is anti-bullying, plastics, and (Instant) Pancit Canton.

Aleni is confused with little knowledge on makeup. 🙂

Being referred to once by her friends as babaeng freedom (freedom girl), she uses this blog as a breather to that thing we call life. The Free Lane is basically her road to anywhere without something or someone holding her back. Free to express what she wants by drawing and other means, freedom to go places and hopefully be able to share these experiences to those who are still waiting for that freedom (in whatever form) to come.


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      • My nickname (I gave it to myself) is similar to yours. It’s mindwanderweg. I gave it to myself in 1998 when I tried to take a road trip to Colorado and my car broke down. That ended up costing me all my travel money, so I had to stay home and do my “wandering” in my mind. Wanderweg is hiking trail in German, wander path. 🙂

      • that’s a nice story. I wish I could also back my “wanderlein” to a story but then reality tells me to just sit and think hard for days for a perfect name. haha! It’s so cool to know that part of your name came from a German word.

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